Practical Obedience & Dog Sports

PODS host (independent) Agility Training Shows offering handlers and their dogs experience of competing in a competition environment and practice new things by running each course twice. The morning training is followed by an afternoon competition of two courses, one each of agility and jumping. The shows are held at Tai Lawr three times a year around April, June and September.

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PODS Agility Shows

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Kennel Club Measuring

At PODS we are fortunate to have access to three Kennel Club Agility Measurers. Peter and Tracey are available most Saturdays during training and we have measuring sessions during our own Agility Training Shows and on occasions throughout the year. A third measurer, Rex, lives just a short distance away. So if you want your dog measured, please contact us.

Remember, your dog should be registered either on the KC Breed Register or the KC Activity Register.

For more about KC measuring, click here.

Future Agility Show Dates

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Dates of upcoming measuring sessions will be posted here:

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