Practical Obedience & Dog Sports

Agility is where a handler directs a dog around an obstacle course in a race for time and accuracy. The course is set out in an arena approximately 100 x 100 feet square and consists of hurdles, tunnels and feature obstacles such as weave poles, dog walk, A-frame and see-saw.  There are two types of basic course, Agility (that includes the feature obstacles) and Jumping (only hurdles, with option of tunnels and weaves).  Competitions are graded depending upon the experience of the dog and/or handler. In recent years, many Agility clubs have begun to run leagues and shows independently of Kennel Club Rules. This has helped to increase the accessibility of the sport to many more people.

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Kennel Club Agility

Flyball is a race between two teams of four dogs running up a lane 51 feet in length.The dog goes over four jumps, presses a 'flyball box' which ejects a tennis ball and runs back over the jumps to the start/finish line. Then the second dog takes its turn, and so on until all 4 dogs have finished. Each race consists of up to five legs. Best of five wins the race. Most competitions are held with teams competing in round-robin divisions. Dogs of all sizes can take part as jump heights are set between 7 - 14 inches high. Whilst most dogs will complete their run in around 5 - 6 seconds, many of the top division dogs will run between 3.5 and 4.5 seconds. Yes that’s 102 feet in 3.5 seconds!

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British Flyball Association

UK Flyball League

The sports of Agility and Flyball are very different and can be enjoyed by many different breeds of dog. Indeed many of our dogs enjoy and excel in both sports. Each sport tests the dog and handler in a different way. Flyball is a team sport where 4 dogs must run together as a team to race against other teams. Agility requires a partnership between dog and handler to negotiate an obstacle course in as accurate and as fast a time as possible.

Both of these sports are featured at Crufts every year and are practiced by thousands of dogs up and down the country.

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Agility Flyball